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Services & Support

PIMA YAR NIROO as services & support subsidiary Precurement of battery Control & elimination of defects in softwares & hardwares All services about ups like repairing,maintaining,etc. .


Consulting,design,implement in data center areas contains: Construction Power supply systems Design of site & it’s equipments Low current systems Cooling & aircondition Management of physical datacenter infrastructure,monitoring &controlling

Our Community

Sale precurement of equipments apc, datapod, emerrson, ttk, alpha, hp, cisco, Quantum contains: UPS Cooling Rack Accessories .

Data center

A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.


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Small Data Center Market

The architecture of data centers and network infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation driven by mobility and accelerated by the Internet of Things.  ..rather than seeing the need for 50 servers in one data center in the middle of nowhere, we are seeking out servers in data centers very close to the edge


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Data Center Cabling Considerations:

Direct connections - "Point-to-Point" are problematic and costly for a variety of reasons. In the best of data center ecosystems, a standards-based structured cabling system will provide functionality and scalability with the maximum available options for current and future equipment..


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data center design

The planning process of most projects can be iterative and thereby expensive. Data center projects are burdened with these challenges and can benefit greatly from simplification and time savings.


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